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2016 Class Pictures

Yes, we have testimonials for all classes below and are working on getting them all added by the fall of 2018.  Our focus is current students first, sales second.  For more testimonials, please refer to older classes at the bottom.  2016 and back have full testimonials.

100% of our PMP© Prep students (through 11 years) have honoured us with written testimonials below.  Being completely optional and for personal reasons, two students wished not to have their pictures included, yet were very happy with their class experience here at QCP.

Many past students have unsolicitly offered to take calls from prospective students.  We would be happy to put you in touch with one of them.  Corporate onsite classes are not pictured.

January 2016 Weekday Class

February/March 2016 Weekend Class

Oops, didn't get a class picture.  Sorry.  Too much fun at graduation day lunch.

March 2017 Weekday Class

April 2017 Weekday Class

April 2016 Weekend Class

May/June 2016 Weekend Class

May 2016 Weekday Class

June 2016 Weekday Class

July/August 2016 Weekend Class

August 2016 Weekday Class

September 2016 Weekday Class

September/October 2016 Weekend Class

October/November 2016 Weekend Class